Calm in the eye of the storm

If wealth is water, the doomed die everyday of thirst,
Every time they mar their fellowmen,
Is another step towards an inevitable burst,
Someday argumentation will lead to justifiable society, But first,
Let him roam that poisonous pit of this anguishing abyss in peace,
He weeps in his dreams, But in the struggle he is at ease.

If all emotions were natural, the flawless heavenly tune, on Earth will play,
Such love would be blind to all barriers of injustice,
But such hate would ravage the rare relief of rapport everyday,
Dialectic has given mankind multifaceted masks to bear pain today, just like yesterday,
He is pressed pleasantly to ponder the peculiar proportions of passion, Suffering from a deadly disease,
Alone in the silent alley he bangs his head on the wall, But in the struggle he is at ease.

If he could control his conduct chastely, Be the rational representation of the conscience of this sphere,
Not like what a Being could, but if he senses like a supernatural species should,
Then he is the soul of this planet and he is Him, he cannot be waiting for the one reality to become clear,
There can only be a final answer to anything when you know everything about it, The ages of hypocrisy in His name, the dogma, the fear,
Absolute knowledge will produce the accurate answer to all, Until then lets use empathy as a cure to all disease,
In this life his aim is to learn and to help mankind, ideas survive, But in the struggle he is at ease.


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