Dependable Dope for the Dumb and the Desperate

Lives of humans have a habit of falling into a vicious circle of pain,
Accompanied by the imperative wish to achieve instant gratification,
To relieve the aching vitality and to replenish it with determination,
Just to make choices, believe, have expectations and be disappointed again.

There comes a time in the tedious job of living this monotonous life,
Another miracle of the infinite universe of random oddities become cases,
Simply because they can come to pass, So the masses require guiding embraces,
An adviser to help pass the harsh times, An abecedary in the gloomy existence through infinite strife,

That was what his spiritual teacher was to him, this morning when he woke up swayed,
And along with his family and numerous others stopped the cops from arresting his preceptor,
Unaware of the disgusting truths of his mentor’s secret life, blinded by allegiance to the pseudo educator,
He was ready to die and kill for his Saint, But him his fortunes betrayed, A stray bullet hit his wife in the police raid.

After sobbing for his wife and witnessing his pedagogue’s true identity being revealed,
His children weep at his feet, he lays broken by the side of his late wife’s body,
He decides never to fall in the trap of such swindlers again, And right then he accidentally dedicates rest of his life to toddy,
Religion, blind faith has always been a dependable dope for the masses, the path to truths concealed.



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