16th Lok Sabha Winter Session

Winter session of Parliament will start from November 24 and conclude on December 23.
A total of 67 bills (11 are from the ministry of health and family welfare and nine from the ministry of labour and employment.
Nine were introduced in the previous Parliament session while 40 were introduced in the 15th Lok Sabha under UPA II and
about 18 other bills are pending from earlier Lok Sabhas)- 59 in Rajya Sabha and eight in Lok Sabha – are pending and the government
will push for passage of at least 30 to 35 legislations. The month-long session will have a total of 22 sittings in which four days
have been earmarked for Private Members’ business.
The Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Amendment Bill will facilitate effective regulation of such companies and entities.

Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Bill to clean up the mess in the coal sector.

There are Legislations to be introduced in the Lok Pal and Lokayuktas (Amendment) Bill to replace the leader of opposition clause in the existing Act
with the leader of the single largest opposition party as a member of the panel that selects the Lok Pal and Lokayuktas.
The Press and Registration of Books Bill seeks to define paid news and introduces penalties like cancellation of registration
if a media house is found guilty of indulging in paid news.
Drugs and Cosmetics (Amendment Bill) dealing with regulation of clinical trials and the medical equipment sector having separate chapters on clinical trials
and medical devices and to establish the Central Drugs Authority (CDA) to regulate pharmaceuticals.
Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which provisions to ensure the rights of differently-abled persons and Prevention of Corruption that makes the act of
bribing a public servant a criminal offence and creates provisions to cover all aspects of bribery, including definition of various elements of bribery.
Mental Healthcare Bill, 2013, the HIV (Prevention and Control) Bill, 2014.
The ministry of labor and employment also has bills pending such as the Factories (Amendment) Bill, 2014, and the Apprentices (Amendment) Bill, 2014
older bills, such as the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Bill, 2012, and the Building and Other Construction Workers Related Laws Bill, 2013
Rights of Persons of Disabilities Bill, 2014, the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill, 2014, the Factories (Amendment) Bill, 2014,
the Railways (Amendment) Bill, 2014 and the Tribunals, Appellate Tribunals and Other Authorities (Conditions of Service) Bill, 2014.
The Textile Undertakings (Nationalisation) Laws (Amendment and Validation) Ordinance, 2014.
Insurance (Laws) Amendment Bill, 2008, which allows foreign investors to hold up to 49% from 26% of the capital in an Indian insurance company
and to appoint a regulator for the real estate sector.
Marriage Laws (Amendment Bill) seeks to introduce irretrievable breakdown as ground for divorce and will provide a woman share in the movable and immovable property of her husband.
Land Acquisition, Women Reservations etc.

What is expected, is for the Congress and other parties in the opposition to act aggressively and hinder the smooth working expected of a Government with absolute majority.
Without big-bang reforms to propel the economy back to a near double-digit growth, economists say, a broader and sustained economic revival will likely remain elusive.
This is in turn would make the key issues of reforms secondary. It can be avoided only if “the people” take part keenly in the procedings and refrain from being bias
and blinded following the perceptions that may be sold through the less than perfect media.
With so much resources of telecommunications available the informed the civil society must do the constructive job of keeping their representatives in check, you know because people are dying of hunger and poverty and stuff!


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