Particlization of ESTi

Enormous energy, racing away into a-posteriori voids,
It gives birth to a new paradigm of space,
For there was always space, indeterminable and at some unknown place,
But not this space, formed by this pixelated energy, like perfect miniature cuboids.
From this instant of time, a new sense of time is sensitized,
The before of the incident in this perspective, is not the same as before of later to then,
The new time becomes the only true perceivable, these Threshold Rebootings happen again and again,
When the true absolute is disguised, and the innovations are revised.
The same-old-new Time and Space under the effect of energy of entropy,
Intensely amalgamating in an absolutely no time and at no space norm,
The Energy catalyzes the process, initiating the Time-Space information vacuum, to acquire a form,
This materialization of abstract data, leads to providing a presence, to all that can be,
A particlization of the all pervading ESTi.


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