Talk About The Weather

Shoulders are contracting, as moon rises in the skies,
Uncontrollable shivering, as the cool winds agonize,
Those whose fashion and style, with the weather change allegiance,
No person should abstain from, basking in the magic of nature’s changing seasons,
The talk of weather is immortal and ageless, in context to the conversations we make,
Wonders and speculations are unavoidable and impending, so this easy escape route we take,
Whenever we run out of things to say, we can always fall back on the topic of weather,
Always claiming that seasons have changed their usual way, though nothing much changes altogether,
We can witness a present day, disdain and disinterest, towards this elemental matter,
Talking about the clime, seem like minor small talk to pass the time,amidst the resonating choir of all the useless chatter,
But it is the all defining environmental cycle, it is the portrayal of the divine consciousness’ pattern for mankind,
Deliberations on it are in a subtle way, the connections that the humankind establishes with the workings of the Divine mind,
If there were no artificial constructions, the animal-kind would be left at the mercy of seasons,
It is the most pure way to connect with the Creation, to experience the effects and figure out the reasons.


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