I Heard About Chakras

Last evening a friend of mine, kept telling me about Chakras,
The energy points of the subtle body called nadi,
The breath channels for the Yogi,
Located along the central channel or Avadhuti,
Chakra symbolize the endless rotation of Sakti,
The lowest is Patala, found in the soles of the feet, is the realm of hatred,
Then on the feet, is the dark realm bereft of conscience, called Mahatala,
In the ankles, Rasatala the center of selfishness is located,
The calves house the representation of a state of prolonged confusion, named Talatala,
Sutala is present in the knees and there it governs the emotion of jealousy,
Anger is governed, by the thigh dwelling Chakra called Vitala,
Located in the hips, is Atala that governs fear and lust,
Then comes the red colored root Chakra, Ganesha’s Muladhara, situated at the spine’s base,
The house of basic human potentiality, and the dormant Kundalini,
Sacrum is the house, of the white sacral Chakra, Brahma’s Swadhishthana,
The center for relationships, pleasure and vivacity,
In the navel, is present, Agni’s Manipura,
The yellow solar plexus, concerned with metabolism and fear,
Operating in the chest, is the green heart Chakra, Ishana Rudra Shiva’s Anahata,
The site of passion, unconditional love and general well being of all that is here,
In the throat lies, the blue force of expression, Vishuddhi and it’s deity is, Panchavaktra Shiva,
Home of fluent thought, lucid dreaming and a sense of security,
Then comes, the violet third eye Chakra, the place of Ardhanarishvara’s Ajna,
It deals with intuition, visual consciousness and it is here that Ida and Pingal merge with the Sushumna,
In the Pituitary is placed, the thousand petaled, white crown Chakra, the Sahasrara,
When the Kundalini energy reaches here it unites with the Shiva energy, to comprehend inner wisdom and finally death,
But if such is the case, I cannot really be sure,
But everyone has got an ailment and they all need a cure,
My friend and I we don’t really agree with each other that much,
But we know that all an incidence of true creation needs, is a single touch.


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