She Walks In Beauty

Here she comes and there she goes,
Avoiding me completely, mutely escaping on her toes,
Momentary I see her, exquisite flashes are those,
Maybe she decides to turn her head or walk by instead,
Maybe she can figure out, that I’ve been lingering forever,
Hanging by the thread, cautious that my affection is not misread,
One day I saw her making a grumpy little face,
In my life before her, emotions never prospered,
Feelings were never welcome and attachment had no place,
But her sullen frowny pout, complements admirably her girlish grace,
Bless you dear divine duckling for pouting your lips,
If it wasn’t for your expressions, the word beauty would lose its meaning,
The naughty thought behind your smile, is accountable for the beat, that my heart skips,
I can’t stop myself from being a poet and cherishing your charms,
I can’t help myself from intervening,
With this, a new story I am about to be convening,
Please don’t misinterpret my advances,
I don’t wish to be demeaning,
But your finesse and your elegance guide me,
Under their effect, I can’t help myself from intervening.


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