Yixinou-13000 kms of New Silk Route

This is the story of the longest train route traveled by the Yixinou from Yiwu to Madrid.


Thousands of years it took for us to disperse on this planet, to spread, to experience, to learn and now establish modernized resumptions,
To fly in the sky, to traverse routes in the once infinite oceans, spreading webs of flat iron rails on the spherical Earth, in all directions.


One such 82 wagon cargo train left Yiwu, China’s world’s largest commodity market, to go via Chongqing home of Iveco, Hewlett Packard,
Through Zhejiang then via the Alataw pass Xinjiang, before entering Kazakhstan, and then Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and France, connecting the scattered.

Then the 13,000-km line finally crosses in to Spain, ending its journey at Madrid, from China is run by Trans-Eurasia Logistics, a joint venture,
Between Germany’s Deutsche Bahn AG and the Russian Railways, The train, named “Yixinou” is part of the New Silk Road, and will reach Madrid in December.


Another train already on this road is the train between Chongqing and Germany’s Duisburg, Russia and China are joining strongly, following U.S. forming its Asia Pivot,
The Yixinou would reduce dependence on sea and air cargo transport and is five times as long as the route of the famous Orient Express.


Whatever we know is not enough, to help sustain fulfilling and satisfactory human race, As a species we must innovate everyday, With empathy and with grace,
Don’t fret being lost on an exotic trail, Rest is luring but one must avail, the time we have to course new realms, There are still infinite mountains to scale.