Beginning of ESTi

Amongst infinite spaciousness,
The giant unconscious nothingness,
Of energy-time-information rests clueless,
The place where it appears, is inconsequent,
Amidst the improbability of the spark of action,
It awaits some divinely caused traction,
And as cosmically inactive time passes, only a fraction,
Is needed even up to the moment just before the most prominent,
And then it began, like it was triggered elsewhere numerous turns,
Initiated, a new Universe like many before if it, boundlessly it burns,
A new paradigm, for Energy-Space-Time,
About most elementary matter forms, now it learns,
The most primitive form, Enegry-Space-Time information(ESTi), now takes,
An un-be-able form of dark matter and energy is found,
After which the most microscopically tangible is crowned,
As the root to all to be, where abstract became bound,
An ESTi would then keep transforming forever, everything is on the stakes,
Till the moment when somewhere conscious life will comprehend all thought,
Maybe us humans are inching close or may be we don’t really have a shot.


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