The Birth of One God

The Hindu Brahman is the shapeless, and is the constituent of all the shapes,
But then He started commanding men, as the Jewish Yahweh, delivering commandments,
The ancient Greeks and Egyptians speculated about the manlike lives of Gods, behind the drapes,
The Zoroastrian, Ahura Mazda, is the guardian of the fire, the protector of the living planet,
These unlike the pure analyzed ideas of Confucianism, Buddhism, Jainism, where God Himself was almost denied,
But then He was born in Judea as Christ, as son of Virgin Mary in the manger he lied,
Some believe God decided to become human, compelled to make himself be heard as a form,
Not Jesus, but His words, and the efforts of great hearts, that He, by his acts conquered,
His ideas and actions outlive his life and, to some, His resurrection makes Him a God, surpassing mankind’s norm,
His fame, like that of other Gods, has been forever misused by some Godless people, like always His wisdom was squandered,
He is the trinity, He made it all, but above all, it is the belief, that on Christmas the real God was born,
Then again a few times God went on to contact folks, keeping things straight, like the time, Islam’s Allah messaged Prophet Mohammed about the life humans must adorn,
But like always, men misinterpret His words, or their own wisdom, leading to a world of His followers, with arms in hands and hearts full of scorn.